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redIQ helps firms evaluate multifamily properties and assess performance quicker and more accurately

core offering

data IQ

dataIQ takes non-essential work off your plate by automatically capturing the information contained in the PDF and Excel property management reports you receive, converting it into your own chart of accounts, and presenting it via a clear, easy-to-interpret dashboard.

  • Extract detailed data from PDF or Excel rent rolls and operating statements in seconds, and convert into a customized, instantly-usable format.
  • Benefit from powerful algorithms and data visualization tools that allow your team to instantly evaluate a deal, identify outliers, and uncover hidden upside.
  • Build your own database of rent and expense comps with each deal you enter into redIQ. This allows you to easily identify trends—such as rent growth and renewal rates—and compare operating expenses with comparable properties in a given market.

More deals.  More quickly.  More confidently.

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add-on component

valuation IQ

valuationIQ enables clients to generate institutional quality cash flow projection models with a single click, using data collected through our platform.

  • Developed with input from over 300 leading multifamily professionals, valuationIQ leverages best practices from leading firms.
  • Ensure consistent, accurate underwriting across your entire firm with our sophisticated, programmatic multifamily valuation model.
  • Seamlessly sync the latest rent rolls and historical operating statements from dataIQ to ensure the most up-to-date underwriting.

The new standard for smarter underwriting