redIQ Speeds Analysis of Team Activity with New Deal Pipeline Report and Updates to Deal List Page

redIQ announced today its latest new feature, a dynamic deal pipeline report that will enable decision-makers to more efficiently gain real-time insights into their team’s deal activity.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to enhance the user experience for principals and analysts using redIQ, and we identified the conventional process of compiling and analyzing deal pipelines as an industry pain point we could improve,” said Elliot Vermes, CEO of redIQ. “This new functionality pulls your entire organization’s deal pipeline into a dynamic report, so you’re able to instantly access all of the relevant information. Along with the enhanced and fully customizable deal list, these upgrades will give users greater control as they navigate between deals on redIQ, and allow managers to monitor their team’s activity more easily, while gaining deeper insights into investment opportunities.”

The new dashboard greatly improves senior principals’ and executives’ ability to gain a comprehensive understanding of all the deals in their team’s pipeline. Users are able to filter deals in the pipeline by specific criteria (e.g. to initially review only the ones that align with a specific set of investment guidelines), and the multi-faceted report includes real-time access to the deals, with all information available at the click of a button.

Compared to manually compiled reports, dynamic reports slash the time and resources required for output generation. Managers will now be able to review the deal pipeline at any moment and drill down easily into deal specifics, ultimately enabling them to assess the quality of these deals and uncover valuable insights.

Additionally, redIQ completed a functional and aesthetic facelift to the deal list page, which users access immediately upon signing into the platform. Besides giving users a cleaner interface, the redesigned page also allows CRE professionals to customize their deal list so that it shows the specific property information most relevant to their individual analysis. Plus, enhanced search functionality helps users find deals they are looking for much more easily.