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What is redIQ?


redIQ means Real Estate Data Intelligence

redIQ is the only platform that extracts data from static property operating reports and transforms it into actionable intelligence.

Why redIQ?

redIQ offers a comprehensive solution developed with continuous input from the most prominent firms in the industry.

  • Sophisticated data parsing and processing tools eliminate hours of manual labor by automatically extracting and processing detailed data from rent roll and operating statement reports
  • This data is aggregated and analyzed using cutting-edge data visualization tools to provide unique insights. Clients share information in a dynamic, easy-to-consume format.

Based in New York City, redIQ was built by and for industry leaders in commercial real estate.


Mike WinnMike Winn

Mike Winn

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Aaron Eastburn

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Coleman Wright

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Hogan Stark

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James Akers

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Mat Polanco

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Payton Cuddy

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Timothy Landers

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